Selasa, 03 Januari 2012

this afternoon

after found some blogs that really good for it's stories,
here i found myself become so gloomy again.
not a good start for a new year? you to decide.

after read some stories, this crazy minds on my head
just keep shouting, hey, that's good stories right?
but it is not yours. yeah, not mine. gloomy feeling is dangerous.

"oh simple thing where have you gone?
i am getting old and i need something to rely on..
i am getting tired and i need somewhere to begin.."

yeah i know, could not match the deadline
for my Europe trip stories posts, hahaha.
so will go home now, will make it in hours. ;)

2 komentar:

  1. Why felt gloomy for other's happiness? Harusnya ikut bahagia heee.

  2. yap! thanks for the bright comment! :D