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Europe Trip : Munich to Amsterdam

-- 15 November 2012
woke up around 5 AM, God! i'm in Europe! hahahaha!
(seandainya bisa jingkrak-jingkrak di bangku pesawat, haha)

outside the window, we're still on the top of the clouds.
looking to the information screen, yeah, 30 minutes to Munich!
as per schedule, will arrive in Munich at 06:05 (Munich time),
transit and will depart to Amsterdam at 08:50.
3 hours transit? no problem! woohooo, so excited!
packed up my belongings, fasten the seatbelt, and we're landed.

"Flughafen München Franz Josef Strauß"
WUOOOH! WUOOH! wuooh! *still so excited*
i'm in Bavaria!before the plane landed, i had viewed the information screen about
the regulation for transit passenggers in Munich airport.
since Munich airport often used by many people as the transit airpot and
also the first gate to enter Europe (especially to the Schengen countries),
it has regulation with it's coridors.
passengger who will enter Munich should go there.
passengger who will only transit and continue to the next flight into
another Schengen countries should go there.
passengger who will only transit and continue to the next flight into
another non Schengen countries should go there.
complicated? fortunately, no. many helpful signs you can find. :)
one travelator, two travelator, one escalator, one downstairs,
two downstairs, another travelator, another escalator, and
finnaly, the imigration gates!
its gave me shiver when facing this gate.
no, i didn't have problem with my legal documents, etc.
but yeah you know, kind of nervous shiver. :P
cannot take photos in this area, but this area consists
of many queue lines and each lines ended in a imigration gate.
people with Europe Union passport has their own gates,
and others with non Europe Union passport also.
as i landed my feet, gave my passport and
the next flight tickets to be checked,
the officer gave a sharp look, ask confirmation questions,
and finnaly, stamped my passport, and
i'm officially entered the Schengen countries. :')

walking walking walking through the coridors,
found the big hall of Departure Terminal Munich Flughafen.
wuoooowww, many restaurants and shops just like a mall in Jakarta!
hahaa! (mendadak kampungan di negeri orang..hahaha)
it was a BIG temptation actually to spend some money in this aiport shops!
thank God i still remembered it was still my first day in Europe! hahaha!
then after visited some shops,

(God, seriously, they have many good things i really wanna buy!)
decided to enter the boarding room and wait for the next departure there.
(view to the Munich Airport area, close to the near airport located hotels)
next flight still by Lufthansa, 08:50 - 10:25 to Amsterdam Schiphol airport.
it was around 07:00 when i finnaly entered the boarding room.
6 people already here, many of them reading
the newspaper and sipping hot coffe.
newspaper and hot coffee? why not? :D
they gave it free here, hot coffee or hot tea with milk, and newspapers.
i remembered that my juniors in my highschool
asked me to bring them some
German newspaper for their German study, and easily done! :P
one hours, two hours, three hours,
finnaly the gate opened and we're ready for boarding!
okay, let me tell you something first. :P
just the day before leaving Jakarta, i was planned to buy a coat in a mall
in Jakarta, yeah it was close to winter season,
wonder how cold it was in Europe.
but just before leaving my office, my colleague
stopped me and advised me so well,
"why don't you just buy it in Amsterdam? one coat
in Indonesia priced approx two times
price sold in Amsterdam!" - dang! yes, she was totally right!
and that's the point, from Jakarta, until arrive in Munich,
i didn't bring any coat.
hahahaha......................... *sigh
at the boarding room, of course there was no problem, they has heater.
but when boarding time came, i walked through the door, and, taraaa...
yup, the plane was located in somewhere
and we had to walked to the bus,
which will bring us to the plane. great!
after passed the downstairs, no other comments than, IT WAS COLD!
you know when it's too cold outside and your breath just like smoke?
yes, it was just like that. hah, huh, hahhhh, huhhh, hahhh... *freeze*
entered the bus earliest made you became the most suffered for waiting
until the others completed enter the bus. :(
the bus went to the other side of the runway,
and must stopped for a while until the door plane opened.
and gesssh, just approx 10 meters from the bus door until
enter the plane, felt like forever since it was very cold and windy. :(
it was a smaller plan than the previous flight,
and the passengger? all with their bussiness suits.
me? buahahaha, lot of them watching me from earlier
for what i'm using at that time.
(not so) tight jeans and red light cardigan. now you could
understand how i felt right? :D
one hour flight, brought me from the Bavarian land,
to the Queen of Netherland's home.

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  1. ayo ditunggu tulisan selanjutnya! :)

  2. salam kenal mas ,wah baru pulang dong ya dari ams :) pengen juga atuh kesana :P


  3. @Belinda: salam kenal juga. :)
    pulangnya dah dari kemarin-kemarin kok, ke sana pas tengah-akhir November 2011 aja.
    Amsterdam memang layak bgt buat dikunjungi. :)