Kamis, 29 Desember 2011

2011 Christmas Dinner with Tim Hura Hura

people said "it takes two to tango"
and i will say "it takes 8 friends to a joy Christmas dinner in 2011"
PEPeNERO, 29 December 2011.

after 1 month announcement,
days by days, weeks by weeks thoughts,
we held our 2011 Christmas Dinner!
Lyonita, Eci, Maurin, Okta, Intan, Olive, Roy, Anton, Evy.
9 people as the members of Tim Hura Hura. :)

it was a simple thought in my head after the dinner actually that
draws me to this idea; for posting a post about this.

we are friends from high school, yes, it was 8 or 9 years a go.
dear readers, do you still meet your high school friends once every month? :)
it is a blessing, can had a dinner with you guys last night. :)
i really do love it.

even on that day we still had a little bit "fireworks" between us,
the dinner went well. still can smile by remembering it right now. :P
how one of us can forgot about the time, how we have to bring gifts,
how we had a dress code, how we wondered how to reach the restaurant
since it was raining on the afternoon.

each of us brought our Christmas gift, and trade it. :D
it might be simple things to receive for many people,
but i will be a sentimental guy who believe
it is not as simple as the simple forms of it. :P

simply, the moment i savour, i savour it much. :)

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  1. nice ,, ^_^
    jalan2 donk k blog saya ,, :D

    thank'z ,, :)

  2. Thanks Ibnu, wonder if you have any blog? :)