Kamis, 30 Juni 2011

where is the light?

less the light, bring the dark.
did this on my recent posts in Instagram.

"Throw away the light, the definitions, and say what you see in the dark"

"whatever your life's work is, do it well" - Martin Luther King, Jr.

this photo is a special post for a friend of mine who really loves wine! :)

Rabu, 22 Juni 2011

aku kamu..

lagi duduk diem di salah satu lobi East Mall Grand Indonesia,
duduk sendirian. gak lama dateng empat anak muda (abege?)
duduk di bangku seberang.
cuma karena posisi duduk, gw jadi ngeliatin mereka,
tingkah laku mereka, becandaan mereka.

dan emang dasar tangan ga lepas dari iPhone,
jepret-jepret deh. :P

9 candid shots!
a couple, so young, so active, and funny!

posted this on Instagram and many of my friends liked it.
some of them said "what a perfect photo for a saturday nite like this!"

then, i stunned.
yes, it's Saturday nite at that time.
and i'm alone.

posted this photo with title:
"aku dan kamu, you and me, あたしとあなた"

it's only me,
and, where are you?

Senin, 13 Juni 2011


ini rasa yang ku jadikan kata-kata..
apa yang ku rasa, demi bisa kau ketahui..

ini cinta yang jadi kata-kata..
ini cinta yang ku rasa.. dan juga kamu rasa?

kamu yang tahu, kamu yang rasa..

and so it goes, so it goes..

both of us need time..
what an enjoyment it was..
what a lovely time it was.. and now, the future?

dear sunrise..
dear my sunrise..

dear sunset..
dear my sunset...

i can see you.. i can feel you..
i can feel, i miss you..
missing you, much..

it's a sorrow?

from the beginning, i knew this won't be easy.
packed a light heart,
to climb this mountain.

to see the light, we need the dark.
as i said, wrote and think about it...

to hope, is to wait? you know my answer.
i've told you and i'm keeping my words..