Kamis, 29 Desember 2011

2011 Christmas Dinner with Tim Hura Hura

people said "it takes two to tango"
and i will say "it takes 8 friends to a joy Christmas dinner in 2011"
PEPeNERO, 29 December 2011.

after 1 month announcement,
days by days, weeks by weeks thoughts,
we held our 2011 Christmas Dinner!
Lyonita, Eci, Maurin, Okta, Intan, Olive, Roy, Anton, Evy.
9 people as the members of Tim Hura Hura. :)

it was a simple thought in my head after the dinner actually that
draws me to this idea; for posting a post about this.

we are friends from high school, yes, it was 8 or 9 years a go.
dear readers, do you still meet your high school friends once every month? :)
it is a blessing, can had a dinner with you guys last night. :)
i really do love it.

even on that day we still had a little bit "fireworks" between us,
the dinner went well. still can smile by remembering it right now. :P
how one of us can forgot about the time, how we have to bring gifts,
how we had a dress code, how we wondered how to reach the restaurant
since it was raining on the afternoon.

each of us brought our Christmas gift, and trade it. :D
it might be simple things to receive for many people,
but i will be a sentimental guy who believe
it is not as simple as the simple forms of it. :P

simply, the moment i savour, i savour it much. :)

the Santa Claus game

23 Desember 2011,
dari inisiatif kedua manajer di divisi Jakarta Japan Quotation,
kami mengadakan Santa Claus game di kantor! \(^o^)/

intinya adalah acara tukar kado, dengan masing-masing dari kami
akan bertindak sebagai Santa Claus utk seseorang.
seminggu sebelumnya, undian diedarkan, tiap orang akan mendapatkan
satu nama sebagai calon utk diberi kado, dan aturannya
kita tidak boleh memberi tahu orang tersebut, and vice versa. :D

setelah tahu nama orang yang mau kita kasih kado,
kita harus coba menerka, kado seperti apa ya yang pas untuk dia,
plus, ingat, tetap ada batasan harga kadonya, minimal 50.000 rupiah
(lebih boleh juga sih, hahaha)
dan akhirnya di hari H, semua kado yang sudah dibungkus dengan
kertas kado dikumpulkan. kami kumpul di ruang rapat, sepatah-dua kata
diucapkan, dan akhirnya masing-masing mengambil kado yang
sudah tertera namanya masing-masing. :D

inti dari permainan tukar kado ini sederhana saja.
saling berbagi. dan makna tambahannya, kita bisa makin saling
mengenal anggota dari sesama tim di divisi ini.
kalau sebelumnya tidak pernah terpikir, ketika mencari kado,
jadi mulai berpikir, "si dia ini sukanya apa sih?"
plus terbatas anggaran masing-masing tentunya, harus jeli
membeli kado yang kreatif tapi juga ga kebobolan dompet. :P

everyone got their present, everyone is happy!
for next year, let's find another fun way! :)

Kamis, 22 Desember 2011

this is the time

after 4 weeks, back to works, back to my routines here in Jakarta,
i think it is the time, time for me to post the stories.

10 days in Europe, will be 10 blog posts?
don't know, not sure. hahahaha.

but anyway, why suddenly i do want to write it?
past few days, only have will to edit the photos,
still hesitate that i don't have any time to write the stories.

today it was just finished, my friend presentation of her tour to Portugal.
yes, for this two months, there are 3 staffs from our office in Jakarta
got the change to go to Europe for educational trip.

Roy, myself, went to Holland, Belgium and Germany.
Gita, went to Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Austria.
Erlina, went to Portugal.
and this 3 days, we had presented our reports to the team members.

and recently, some of my friends updated their blogs with their stories,
their travel stories. Japan, Newzealand,
Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia.
i remembered a words :
"when you're going for travel, you will search for the information through
the internet. and sometimes, you're gonna be mad
if you cannot find any clue.
so, when you have traveled to places, you got the information,
write it, share it, let people know, let them get the information"

please, enjoy my upcoming posts, enjoy the photos, enjoy the stories... :)

Minggu, 11 Desember 2011

a walk with you..

come and take a walk with me, see what I see..
come and take a walk with me, show me what you see..

I'm seeing things wrong with the way that I'm living,
so come and walk with me, I need a second opinion..

I'm paranoid so excuse me if I seem to be nervous..

-a short walk from the Kroller Muller Museum,
De Hoge Veluwe National Park, Otterlo, Holland-

Rabu, 07 Desember 2011


a stranger in Antwerp.

went to Holland, Belgium and Germany last month.
photos coming soon.