Jumat, 06 Januari 2012

through your photo

let's have an intermezzo first
before we continue the Europe Trip posts? :D

weeks ago, i joined the iPhonesia Photowalk event, it was held on Sunday, we gathered first at Gambir station, and walk through the decided route: Gambir station - Imanuel Church, Lapangan Banteng - Gereja Katedral - Passer Baroe - Masjid Istiqlal - Gambir station - Cikini. (named as Photowalk Passer Baroe)
(photo courtesy by iPhonesia)

what is photowalk iPhonesia anyway? :)
iPhonesia is = (I)device (PHO)tographer indo(NESIA)
and photowalk is one of our routine activities.
we will walk together, bring our iDevice (iPhone, iPod, or even iPad), and try to take photos from the moment we walking through the route. :) and sometimes in our photowalk, we have themed contest, like the best photo based on members vote or moderators vote, or even best photo with prize, like we had in this photowalk Passer Baroe. simPATI gave prize for three winners for the best photos!

divided into small groups, and here my group! :)
we walk and enjoy the route, took photos,
and edited the photo until the end at a restaurant in Cikini. moderators gave us around 30 minutes to edit and send the photos to instagram and twitter.

i sent about 6 photos, here 4 of them:

and beyond my expectation, one of my photos got the 1st prize! :D
which one? this one!
title: "praying? not."
it was when i tried to take a low level shot and this man (an iPhonesia member also) stand up right in front of me with this pose, and i took this photo. :) edited it with some kind of effects and crop it for more focus nuance, i sent it to the instagram and twitter.

as people said, life will surprise you at the time you never expect it. :)
i got the prize, 500k voucher from simPATI. :)
another good moment with my photo came up about last week.
i posted a photo through the instagram,
just as my usual routine in the morning.
and at the night, a notification from twitter came and voila!
i won the iPhonesiaoftheday! hahaha!
the photo is about a man walking through the entrance way
to the Kroller Muller Museum in De Hoge Veluwe National Park
in Otterlo, Holland. i made it grunge and kinda dark.
yeah, again and again, beyond my expectations many likes this photo.

i love taking photos, catch the moments,
and edit the photo, and try to give more colorful shades on it.
but much more happiness comes when i realized,
many people likes my photo as well. :)

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  1. tuh udah kemaren posting soal jalan jalan, sekarang posting soal menang lomba haha makin iri deh... gamau dateng kesini lagi aaah~

    gadeng, canda :p

  2. vicky: hahaha, ga ada maksud ke situ sih.. :P