Selasa, 26 April 2011


"you're such a fire"

can a fire choose when he can appear to this world?

can a fire choose what to burn?

can a fire, be loved?

Selasa, 19 April 2011

shoot! just shoot!

"a lion sleeps in the heart of every brave man" - Turkish Proverb

"today, give a stranger one of your smiles. it might be the only sunshine he sees all day"

"May the sun always shine on your windowpane;
May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain;
May the hand of a friend always be near you;
May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you."

"learn the value of hard work by working hard"

"di sini, Merah Putih tetap berdiri"

"waiting for the departure"

"daun kering"


"Shoot. Shoot often. If you see a shot that you want and you drive past it, go back and get it."

Kamis, 14 April 2011


maksud hati tadi mau bikin satu postingan,
udah bikin draftnya, upload foto-fotonya,
eh dah jam makan siang,
ditinggal makan siang,
pas balik ternyata kantor mati listrik 30 menit selama makan siang tadi,
komputer mati, draft blognya ga kesimpen, yaaaaah...males deh...

"dia bilang seng itu HALUS"
(diambil di antara Tanah Abang dan Kebon Kacang)

Kamis, 07 April 2011

jelajah Batavia - menjelang senja

- B A R -
this is my favorite photo!
it's just an old building, still not been used for years,
5 bikes in front of it, and i can't stand to not take a photo of it!

- terlupakan -

unused, forgotten, but still charming.

- me on the red door -

i told my friend that i want a photo with this magnificent red door,
and she shot this photo and i like it. :)
even it's just a simple big red door,
i love it's color.

- waiting for you -

can't you feel the emotion? :)

- let's make a promise -

"do you see that couples?"
"yes, of course, why?"
"i can see they are so in love"
"just like us?"
"yes, just like us. you'll love me till the end?"
"of course!" "promise?"

- watch your back -

- The Messenger -

- touch the sky -

- it's Batavia -

my second favorite photo!
i love Jakarta, the modern one,
and also the old one. :)

Rabu, 06 April 2011

Jelajah Batavia - Di Lapangan Itu

- lalu lalang -

every man have his destination,
every people have their dream..

- jemputan -

the most important in your life is education,
and the most important of all, your family..

- mencari nafkah -

do not complaining, be grateful..

- pulang sekolah -

a kid is a kid, they need to play with their friends..

- main sepeda -

a pleasure, one's pleasure will be the other's too..

Selasa, 05 April 2011

please wait. (^ ^)

it's a glimpse on my mind,
so should i call my blog as a photo blog? hahaha.
i hope all my blog reader don't mind i put so many photos
instead of words. but hey, do i care? hahaha.
this words proving that i care right? :)

i like to post photos.
one photo can give you thousands words.
but still, i'll give words (maybe just one or two sentences)
to explain the photos. :)

and that's become the most often problem happened when i want
to post something on this blog.
there are so many photos available to be posted,
but i still don't have the words! (^ ^ !)

last Saturday, i visited a place called the old Jakarta.
so many photos, so please be kindly to wait,
i'll post it soon. (^ ^)b

(a random tought in the middle of struggle chasing my deadlines in the morning)

it's called Instagram!

beside talking and traveling, i love taking photos! :)
and it's another pleasure when i can share and show my photos
to my friends, relatives and everyone.

if to tweet we have Twitter,
then iPhone users have Instagram to share photos!
i think Instagram is the hottest iPhone's photography application. :D
take a picture, use filters, and show your picture to your friends and
all Instagram users on earth! love it! :)

some of my photos posted in my Instagram account :

if Twitter have Trending Topics,
then Instagram have Popular Photos.
and once, yeah still once until now, hahaha,
my photo appeared on Popular Page! :P

we can like and put comments on other users photos,
make friends and connected with other users. its fun! :)

in Instagram, there are so many experts!
just using their iPhone, took so many incredible photos.
one i adore is Zoelcholid.
i believe one photo = thousand words.
and his photos, are millions words!

with Instagram,
we can see many moments happened all over the earth.
all iPhone users will share what they saw, what they felt,
what they thinking of, by photos.

funny photos, amazing photos, lovely photos, all in!

and we can create a criteria for our photos through tags.
tags i recently used are :
#iPhonesia : Instagram users in Indonesia
#Jakarta : yes, it's mean photos of Jakarta. :)
and many other i can't remember. :P

once my friend asked me, is it only available for iPhone user?
unfortunately, yes.
Blackberry don't have and cannot access Instagram,
at least until now. :P
and that's why i don't have any regret sold my Blackberry
and changed it to an iPhone. hahaha. :P

after all, i love photography.
not the serious one, just the casual one.

don't think, just SHOOT!

Senin, 04 April 2011

la cucina italiana!

PEPeNERO at The Energy!

located in the Mezanine Floor, The Energy Building
in Sudirman Central Bussiness District Jakarta.

yeah! i love this building!
it's so modern, and not much light but so entertaining!
like a tourist, i took so many photos! hahaha!

and finally, arrived in PEPeNERO!
it's not a big restaurant, small space on the corridor,
providing a comfy place to eat for this building workers.
so envy we don't have this at our office building. :(

yes, the target is one and the only : Italian food!

at first, we confused! hahaha!
all the menus are written in italian, and of course,
hard to read! :P
the menus not included any pictures,
but it's okay, their waiter are kindly gave us the explanations! :D

here comes the food!

- Panino Salsiccia (with pork) -

- Tagliatelle Salmone -
it looks weird, but it was NYUMMY!

- Pappardelle Funghi -

- Ravioli Ricota Spina -

- Pizza Capricciosa -

- shirley temple -

four people, full loaded, cost around 550k rupiah.
it is worth! :)