Rabu, 24 Agustus 2011

satu dua detik

di sebuah persimpangan jalan,
satu dua detik berpikir,
iya aku akan pergi kesana,
karena aku mau kesana,
aku ingin kesana,
aku ingin kembali kesana, lagi..

Senin, 15 Agustus 2011

the 2011 Costume Party

we (me and 7 of my friends) won the best group costume! yay!
it was our 2011 GTA Costume Party in Todai
at The Shoppes Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

since it's our company tradition to held costume party in
every our annual company outing last dinner,
this year theme was uniform!

and here we are,
8 Jakarta Japan Quotation team members,
with the Dalton Warblers Academy uniform!

it was such an excitement among us
to prepare costumes for this party.
and, it was a big fun too at the party since
every one came with their unique uniform,
here to let you know.. :)

the master chef duo!

this is what happened when Indonesian supporters
got to much excitement? :D

the Indonesian football supporters with our GM. :D

this year was fun with the uniform theme,
last year with the super heroes theme (you can see it on my
last year post), so, what's for next year? :D

it was quote strange since i wore the Dalton Warblers uniform,
which it's a part of Glee, but honestly, i have not watch this serial at all. :D
but yeah, who's care? i like the uniform! :P

ps: all the photos credit goes to An Seputri.
(since i'm still too lazy to edited all of my photos, hahaha)

what i need?

"since you never came"

"you are nice, you are great, you are smart,
you are strong, you are charming,
you are............"

maybe that's true i need it all,
but, may i say, i don't want it all?

Kamis, 04 Agustus 2011

Singaporean by Hipstamatic

it's called Hisptamatic,
an iPhone camera application which makes
iPhone users can have a photo with many incredible effects.

when departing to Singapore from my office,
it was just a blast,
"i want to capture Singaporean in grunge, dark and black and white!"

then, this is the results!

- the Departure -

- keep busy -

- SKY is the limit -

- the sunset catcher -

- here i'm looking for you -

- alone -

- working at Louis Vuitton -

- family -

- brothers -

- at the Dhoby Ghaut Interchange station -

Rabu, 03 Agustus 2011

reduce the lights

forgive me for skip my Singapore outing photos post,
but one in my mind right now,
i want to share this photos first..
recently i posted many black and white pictures on Instagram
addicted to black and white scenes? feeling gloomy?
not in a good mood for colorful images?
don't know, and perhaps.

"jarak terjauh bukanlah dari kutub utara ke selatan,
melainkan ketika mata kita tak pernah bertemu.
aku menatapmu, dan kamu menatapnya."

"one day you asked me which one is more important, you or my life?
and i said it's my life,
and you walked away not knowing that you are my life"

"we need the dark to see the light"
how long we need?
how long we want to stay in the dark side?
watching the light only from the dark..