Senin, 19 Maret 2012

Petak Sembilan - Sabtu 17 Maret 2012

you live as long as you are remembered.

it was Saturday with my friends,
a plan to visit Petak Sembilan area, just near Glodok.
through the straight market street, watched the life.
until we arrived, at the place.
where people praying. for their life, their hope, their dreams.
and for the ancestors.
when a child is born, so is a grandmother.
it is said, if we do not respect our ancestors,
we will not respect to each other.
if we know where we came from, we may better know where to go.
if we know who we came from, we may better understand who we are.
heard somewhere:
"when we were young, we did not ask questions; now that we're old,
there is no one to answer them."
"if a man cares not for his roots,
how then he care for his branches." - Doyle M. Davis
while resting outside, we saw this woman.
praying, released the birds into the sky.
"people who grow up without a sense of how yesterday has affected today are unlikely to have a strong sense of how today affects tomorrow."
"and every man is his own ancestor, every man his own heir.
and he devises his own future, he inherits his own past."
cause to move freely, you must be deeply rooted.
seek out your roots and you will find your life

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