Rabu, 14 Maret 2012

cause we could do either

i left, you died / you left, i died,
you went and i cried / i went and you cried
i came, you think / you came, i think
but you never really know / but i never really know
you've served your time / i've served my time
you've watched i descend / i've watched you climb
the wrong decline / the wrong incline
but what do you know? / but what do i know?

accept it, don't let it turn the screw
accept it, and let it
scream back at me / scream back at you

""now this applies both equally to you and i,
the only thing we share is the same sky
these empty metaphors they're all in vain
like can't you see the grass is greener where it rains"

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