Kamis, 07 April 2011

jelajah Batavia - menjelang senja

- B A R -
this is my favorite photo!
it's just an old building, still not been used for years,
5 bikes in front of it, and i can't stand to not take a photo of it!

- terlupakan -

unused, forgotten, but still charming.

- me on the red door -

i told my friend that i want a photo with this magnificent red door,
and she shot this photo and i like it. :)
even it's just a simple big red door,
i love it's color.

- waiting for you -

can't you feel the emotion? :)

- let's make a promise -

"do you see that couples?"
"yes, of course, why?"
"i can see they are so in love"
"just like us?"
"yes, just like us. you'll love me till the end?"
"of course!" "promise?"

- watch your back -

- The Messenger -

- touch the sky -

- it's Batavia -

my second favorite photo!
i love Jakarta, the modern one,
and also the old one. :)

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