Selasa, 05 April 2011

please wait. (^ ^)

it's a glimpse on my mind,
so should i call my blog as a photo blog? hahaha.
i hope all my blog reader don't mind i put so many photos
instead of words. but hey, do i care? hahaha.
this words proving that i care right? :)

i like to post photos.
one photo can give you thousands words.
but still, i'll give words (maybe just one or two sentences)
to explain the photos. :)

and that's become the most often problem happened when i want
to post something on this blog.
there are so many photos available to be posted,
but i still don't have the words! (^ ^ !)

last Saturday, i visited a place called the old Jakarta.
so many photos, so please be kindly to wait,
i'll post it soon. (^ ^)b

(a random tought in the middle of struggle chasing my deadlines in the morning)

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