Senin, 04 April 2011

la cucina italiana!

PEPeNERO at The Energy!

located in the Mezanine Floor, The Energy Building
in Sudirman Central Bussiness District Jakarta.

yeah! i love this building!
it's so modern, and not much light but so entertaining!
like a tourist, i took so many photos! hahaha!

and finally, arrived in PEPeNERO!
it's not a big restaurant, small space on the corridor,
providing a comfy place to eat for this building workers.
so envy we don't have this at our office building. :(

yes, the target is one and the only : Italian food!

at first, we confused! hahaha!
all the menus are written in italian, and of course,
hard to read! :P
the menus not included any pictures,
but it's okay, their waiter are kindly gave us the explanations! :D

here comes the food!

- Panino Salsiccia (with pork) -

- Tagliatelle Salmone -
it looks weird, but it was NYUMMY!

- Pappardelle Funghi -

- Ravioli Ricota Spina -

- Pizza Capricciosa -

- shirley temple -

four people, full loaded, cost around 550k rupiah.
it is worth! :)

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