Minggu, 03 April 2011

it's Sanpachi Ramen

have heard about this place for a long time,
but have visited this place twice now,
i'm so happy! :D

it's name : Ramen Sanpachi (38).
it serves many kind of ramens,
halal (non pork) and of course pork ramen.
and i'm addicted to it's tonkotsu chasu ramen! :D

located on Melawai street,
on the 2nd floor of Kamome Building.
just a small place to eat ramen. :)
beside the very delicious ramen they serve,
i really love the ambience.
a little bit noisy tough since the waiters will shouting
every time new guest entering the place and confirm
guest order, but yeah, no proble,
it's the ambience. :)

another visit? why not!!
join me, anyone? :)

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