Selasa, 05 April 2011

it's called Instagram!

beside talking and traveling, i love taking photos! :)
and it's another pleasure when i can share and show my photos
to my friends, relatives and everyone.

if to tweet we have Twitter,
then iPhone users have Instagram to share photos!
i think Instagram is the hottest iPhone's photography application. :D
take a picture, use filters, and show your picture to your friends and
all Instagram users on earth! love it! :)

some of my photos posted in my Instagram account :

if Twitter have Trending Topics,
then Instagram have Popular Photos.
and once, yeah still once until now, hahaha,
my photo appeared on Popular Page! :P

we can like and put comments on other users photos,
make friends and connected with other users. its fun! :)

in Instagram, there are so many experts!
just using their iPhone, took so many incredible photos.
one i adore is Zoelcholid.
i believe one photo = thousand words.
and his photos, are millions words!

with Instagram,
we can see many moments happened all over the earth.
all iPhone users will share what they saw, what they felt,
what they thinking of, by photos.

funny photos, amazing photos, lovely photos, all in!

and we can create a criteria for our photos through tags.
tags i recently used are :
#iPhonesia : Instagram users in Indonesia
#Jakarta : yes, it's mean photos of Jakarta. :)
and many other i can't remember. :P

once my friend asked me, is it only available for iPhone user?
unfortunately, yes.
Blackberry don't have and cannot access Instagram,
at least until now. :P
and that's why i don't have any regret sold my Blackberry
and changed it to an iPhone. hahaha. :P

after all, i love photography.
not the serious one, just the casual one.

don't think, just SHOOT!

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