Jumat, 13 April 2012

Mlaku Mlaku ning Ragunan

let's do a picnic!
if we are into picnic, nice lunch and dinner, traveling, should we be called as old romantic persons? when you live in Jakarta, you can visit the big malls every weekend, spend your money for good lunch, fine dinner. but, do you ever think about a picnic? :)
if mentioning the "picnic" word, must be refer to a wide open space garden, bring your mat, sandwiches, juice, bright wardrobe, and fancy camera. in Jakarta, should we go to Monas? hahaha. for this time, i asked my friend to join me to go to the Ragunan zoo. not specific into picnic but to see the animals (please see my previous post) also. so here we are, me myself, Dame, Hayu and Isa, went to the Ragunan! :D
walk and breathe the fresh air!
saw the fancy things and places..

ate the yum-yum foods..

spend times with your friends..
saw the skyscrapers everyday?
now let's walk through the green bamboo forest..

sweet candies, sweet moments..
ask your family, friends, love and do a picnic!
Pusat Primata Schmutzer by The Gibbon Fondation
located inside the Ragunan zoo, one of the biggest primate center in the world. a place where we can learn how the primates lives.
walked inside it, you can hear their sounds, see how the move, and play with the others. i think the most remarkable thing about this place is the way we can walk just like inside a forest with primates around us. to feel the atmosphere! :)
also a good place for a date with your beloved one maybe? :D
or a nice place to walk with your kids and family.. :)
last, we visited the giraffe! 4 big cages available, but only one left.
bought the "kacang panjang" packages from cage guard, and let it ate all.

it was a Saturday, from 10 AM in the morning,
until 2 PM, we walked. not really a picnic, but it was as good as a picnic. :)

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  1. Let's do this again. Next destination : Kebun Raya Bogor! :D *poke Isa & Dame*

  2. Me likey this post d(^_^)