Rabu, 02 Mei 2012

Visiting Penang - Departure and Arrival

it was 1 April 2012, afternoon, arrived at the airport.
ready to fly to Penang, Malaysia. :)
sat alone, with my backpack. another solo trip. if the previous one was an extend solo trip from Amsterdam to Cologne and Frankfurt, this time, just to the neighbour country, Malaysia. one backpack was just enough. hahaha. :D
it was delayed. since the weather was not friendly. the schedule: our flight first, then the flights to Bangkok, and Kuala Lumpur. what happened? and our flight became the third. late departure due to fuel charge cannot be done since it was storm, and of course it was late arrival in Penang.

arrived in Malaysia! the first time in Malaysia and it was near late night! hahaha! the airport is a small one, and under renovation at that time. since small, i did not find any difficulties to walk through the lanes and immigration gates.

the plan was, after arrived at the airport, i will take the bus from the airport to go to the Komtar bus terminal, and from Komtar will take another bus to the hotel area. what happened? late arrival, i thought i missed the last bus at that time, then took a taxi. my not so many ringgits suddenly gone from the first day. :(
the airport is quite far from the city center, especially from the George Town -- the world heritage town -- my destination. what i enjoyed from the taxi window? yes, the car license plates. hahaha. i just like it! simple letters and numbers! :)
stayed in a guest house, The Red Inn Heritage Guest House, Love Lane, George Town. located in the middle of the "cute" Love Lane street. after did the check-in, took a walk around the Love Lane area, and simply fell in love with it!
and yes, found a place for dinner! stopped at a small restaurant named Micke's Place. it was small, but nice. ordered a grilled chicken breast as my dinner! hahahaha. i have no idea what kind of local food i need to order at that time, i just thought i am hungry and i need a yummy food! and yesss it was yummy! :D
the owner was nice and gave me short talks. she asked me from where i came from, is that my first time visit Penang, how was my impression, and even the story about the table that i'm using for my dinner at that time. it was her elementary school table, she bought it from her elementary school. nice one ya! and the hand writtings at the wall beside my table "today might be a bad day, but tomorrow could be the best day of your life", i read it and suddenly i had a smile on my face.
"yes i'm ready for tomorrow!" :D

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  1. long time no visit this blog!! bang, i plan to go to Thailand this summer. any post of yours telling things about that? please let me know ;)

    1. sayang sekali gw juga belum ngunjungin Thailand nih, cancelled my plans to go there last year. :(
      yang jelas ya Bangkok night street life ya, eat the fried insects maybe? :D

    2. sebenernya gue juga belom pasti sih bang haha, ini masih nyari temen dulu. pengen banget kesana tapi pada susah banget diajakinnya hemm ._.

    3. kalau mau ke sana inget periode/musimnya juga ya, jangan pas musim hujan, nanti malah ga bs ngapa-ngapain, kayak ada banjir tahun kemarin. :)