Selasa, 01 Mei 2012

lunch at the Marché

Fresh - Healthy - Fresh
"Experience healthy indulgences cooked right before your eyes!"
Marché at West Mall, Grand Indonesia Shopping Town.

we were looking for a lunch place at that time, me tought this restaurant is an "all you can eat" restaurant, but i was wrong then. hahaha. Marché Grand Indonesia serves a la carte menus. but whatever it is, i think i do like this Marché. :D
marché means "market" in French. and what we've got in Marché restaurant? yes, it is like a traditional market inside. many stalls with themed table and chair areas. every stalls has it owns things to sell, like pasta, salad, meat (chicken and beef), roesti, coffee, cakes and drinks. so every guest can take a walk, see what every stalls have, and order what they want to eat and drink. we can have it fresh, and fast! :D

our lunch main menus: the original chicken sausage with sauce and the spicy marinated grilled chicken breast with baked potato. :9
and a fresh honeydew with lemonade.
at the pasta stalls, i saw this pastas! so beautiful with it's colours.
and ended up with ordered... a pizza! hahaha!
and for the dessert, my favourite,
the German Apple Crumble!

i love the textures, i love the sweetness, i love it! maybe i will visit this Marché again just for having this apple crumble and a coffee for a brunch! anyone? :Dlunch for 2 persons with 3 main menus, 2 drinks,
1 dessert cake cost Rp 300.000,- ++.

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