Rabu, 01 Februari 2012

speak up

we are encouraged to be honest. how honest are you? be real.
if you hold your tongue, stuff-down your feelings or shy-away from speaking because you are worried about a negative consequence, are you really being honest?
we have our reasons for not speaking our mind on occasion.
it is simply inappropriate, or we are feeling strong emotions that hinder us from using our most impeccable words should we open our mouths to give voice to our thoughts.
sometimes, we also fear retribution, that we might look bad, or that speaking up might somehow take-away from another’s experience. do you worry about how your words might fall on someone else’s ears, even if you are respectful and loving in your delivery?
certainly I have, and still occasionally do. but, when we take a moment to examine those fears, we will see a lot, and from there, choose to free ourselves by being honest.

be brutally honest, especially to whom I do care of.

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