Minggu, 19 Februari 2012

lunch at Canteen

Sunday morning, 11 o'clock,
when there was only few people including me entered Plaza Indonesia.
our fault not confirmed our meeting appointment again on the day before,
me arrived so early and alone. :D
went to Canteen, and reserved a space. even i know, it was not necessary after all, it was a too early time for people to come to the mall. hahaha. but who knows, and i don't want my fave private space taken by others. okay, since i have to wait for another hours for the appointment, i went to Aksara (bookstore). found many things that i do really want to buy, just like a fish-eye lomo camera, a golden Diana lomo camera, a small simple kitchen purpose chalk board, a book about letters that you want to read, even a uber minimalism wall clock, but thank God i was still awakened not to buy all the stuffs. :P
i can't wait longer at the Aksara, entered Canteen again, took a seat at the most hidden space, yeap, just behind the big pillar so not every guest can see it, ordered my lunch menus, and waiting for you. :)
-chicken wrap with tortilla-
-summer breeze-
you came up after i ate all the chicken warp. showed you this photos and we both laughed since we had the same thought; the chicken wrap was just like a napkin. :))
thanks for the lunch, your coming, your smiling face. :)

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  1. That sounds so sweet!

    But why no photos of you two? :D