Selasa, 14 Agustus 2012

the sounds of wind chimes

took this picture at the time i was on my way heading to Jogjakarta last May. it was somewhere between after Pekalongan, before Temanggung. small and winding road, the mist begins to fall, around 4 PM. already late for more than 5 hours at that time, have started to complain about everything. but when arrived to the spot where i can spotted this view, i opened the window and awakened, it was just beautiful. "if you just fill it with nagging around, nothing could be changed. just enjoy it, enjoy this moment, enjoy our moment." there you said it, and i was just like, sorry been very frustrating. :)

it is Ramadhan, 4 days left for today.
mothers prepare the traditional meals, speciality stores open
selling the special once a year snacks, on the afternoon crowds flocking and moving hurriedly collecting their Iftar, only an hour before the sun sets, city streets empty, family and friends gather around the table.

prayers given, friends and family, all happy.
happy Ramadhan my friends. :)

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