Selasa, 08 November 2011

"come what may"

nothing special relation exist between the title of this post and it's content.
it's only the title of a song that i'm listening into it right now.

"come what may, come what may.. seasons may change winter to spring.. listen to my heart, can you hear it sings? storm clouds may gather and stars may collide.. come what may, come what may.."

it was my usual "me time",
visited the same place, ordered the same drink, ate the same foods.
but something different happened, a call.

come what may? yes, come what may. :)

“There's always light after the dark. You have to go through that dark place to get to it, but it's there, waiting for you. It's like riding on a train through a dark tunnel. If you get so scared you jump off in the middle of the ride, then you're there, in the tunnel, stuck in the dark. You have to ride the train all the way to the end of the ride.”

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