Senin, 19 September 2011

di atas langit

di atas langit ada apa?
di atas langit ada langit. di atasnya lagi?
langit lagi? :D

after four days holiday in Jogja,
now here i am, back in my office, typing words in my desk.
if you ask me, how it was?
it was nice. usual answer right?

cause it was. was nice and fun.
what's special? let's see...

had much quality times talk with my best friend,
both of us can shared our life stories, thanks Son. :)

met my college friends. such a long time, i saw them changed. :)
been disappointed by my juniors, since my plan was to visit Kalaijo with them on Friday, but they forgot to confirm the time with me,
and so on, they left me. :)
what happened next? yup, they met my angry.
but after all, i still loved to met them. :)

it was at Alun Alun Kidul.
after dinner in a Javanese restaurant in Kalasan area,
then visit the 'famous' House of Raminten in Kotabaru
(which was so boring),
a wedang ronde after dinner's snack at Alun Alun Kidul.
my phone rang, and it was the best conversation
i had with you for this year.
thank you. :)

ps: gained much weight, i ate VERY MUCH! :D

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