Rabu, 03 Agustus 2011

reduce the lights

forgive me for skip my Singapore outing photos post,
but one in my mind right now,
i want to share this photos first..
recently i posted many black and white pictures on Instagram
addicted to black and white scenes? feeling gloomy?
not in a good mood for colorful images?
don't know, and perhaps.

"jarak terjauh bukanlah dari kutub utara ke selatan,
melainkan ketika mata kita tak pernah bertemu.
aku menatapmu, dan kamu menatapnya."

"one day you asked me which one is more important, you or my life?
and i said it's my life,
and you walked away not knowing that you are my life"

"we need the dark to see the light"
how long we need?
how long we want to stay in the dark side?
watching the light only from the dark..


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