Senin, 09 Mei 2011

sunrise or sunset?

once i asked you, sunrise or sunset? :)
and you answered,

"prefer sunrise than sunset,
but i prefer the things after sunset than sunrise"

this is a sunrise, right in front of my bedroom's window on that day,
and the caption, "a golden sunrise for you"

and this one? a sunrise in a place,
which you know it better than me of course. :)
"good morning to you, dear.."

me : let see a sunset?
you : i don't know what to say.. #sigh
me : i'll catch a sunset today.
you : envy you.
me: i'll do it for you.
you: the sunset?
me: yup, the sunset.

and when i'm on the beach for the sunset,
you came, and became my real sunset.
the most charming one, than the beautiful one captured in this photo. :)

a sunset in Jakarta, 09 May 2011, 17:42
taken from 21st floor, BRI 2 Building

"i miss you, my sunrise, my sunset.."

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