Minggu, 20 Oktober 2013

Happy Full Tummy Day

Grand Lucky Superstore big pizza. mine was the colorful one, yours the cheese and meat combo. your lunch, while it was my second lunch. hahaha.
we did it much before right? food hunting, make our tummies happy most all the time. after what happened, not possible to do it as much as before. but thanks to us, last Saturday, it was a happy full tummy day again for us. :)
 they named it Mangia. it appeared on magazines pages, for the exterior-interior design, for the menus, for how it already became Jakarta's new hip eatery in South Jakarta.
"kita lanjut ke mana? nonton? makan lagi?"
"makan lagi!
 you played Zombie VS Plants, i was browsing the internet.
you screamed every time failed on the mission. i ate the whole banana pancake, since, i ordered with the baileys one. sorry, but yes it was my pleasure. :')
two souls can keep doing their each business in a place, without feel being bothered or disturbed, without feel being ignored, but both of them sure with their presence.

 our purchased tickets to Bangkok. will not use it.
i can travel by myself there. even tough i really want the mango-sticky-rice much, really want to visit the market again, miss that city much, it will be an empty journey without you. this storm will pass, and you know i am here.

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