Jumat, 11 Februari 2011

it was..

it was a beginning. an ending.

alone in this room, it was only your face on my mind.

just one magazine, read it over and over again.

there's a note, but i can't even write a single word..
if only i can write any words, for you..

the balcony window locked.
but here, the one locked is my mind.
and i think i don't even know why.

it was breakfast time,
still alone, and i missed you.

fried rice, fresh salad,
you knew it as my fave, don't you?

cupcake and sweet cake,
i like it too, and you also knew it..

it was a couple wayang puppets.
staring for each other, it was just like, us?

the pool side,
i like to see it, but as you knew,
i still cannot swim.

flowers and flowing water,
it was you..

it was me, sat there alone,
thinking of you.
thinking our last eye contacts.

i know you don't know,
after you left the building,
i still standing there, for around 30 minutes,
just wanted to see you passing me again.
but i lost that chance, did not saw you again.

left the hotel, faster than i planned before,
just because, i got your pain.
yes, the pain that i gave to you before.

i love you.

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